Profesor Antony Sutton: Wall Street y el Ascenso de Hitler (Sòlo en Inglès)


Professor Antony Sutton: Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler

Dr. Antony Sutton was a research scholar at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Through his scientific historical research he saw the bigger picture of how the secret US establishment (largely operating through the Skull & Bones secret society) uses the Hegelian dialectic (create thesis & antithesis to control synthesis) to create, manage and perpetuate conflict.

From the Guardian, an article on how Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones, W’s grandfather) financed Nazism in Germany:

Dr. Sutton’s book on ‘the Order’ (Skull and Bones):

To understand Dr. Sutton, it is essential to forget the illusory paradigms of communism vs. capitalism and left vs. right, for they are just smokescreens.

Summary of 9/11 scepticism:


Libros en lìnea de Antony Sutton :

Pueden consultar en lìnea varios de los libros de Antony Sutton:

“Wall Street y los Bolcheviques” (Español):

“The Best Enemy Money can Buy” disponible en inglés (explica la venta de tecnología militar a la URSS durante la Guerra Fría):

“Western Technology ando Soviet Development” (inglés):

“Technology Transfer from the West to the Soviet Union” (inglés):

Wall Street tambièn financiò a Adolfo Hitler y el surgimiento de la Alemania Nazi:
“Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”  (inglès):



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